British 10k London 2009–2015

For six consecutive years Clabile Trust supporters have been taking to the streets of London to raise money and support our cause. The British 10k London involves over 20,000 runners and is the largest 10k running race in the U.K.  It is an amazing event, which takes runners past London’s most famous landmarks, including Piccadilly Circus, the London Eye, Tate Modern and Pall Mall.

Over the years, we have had over 25 runners take part. For some, taking part was an incentive to start running and the 10k was no mean feat. For others, current personal best records were to be broken. Whatever the reason, The Clabile Trust is tremendously grateful to all those who have taken part over the last six years. Between them, they have raised over £3000.

Thank you to all our runners in the last five years: Zoe Bryce, Chris Logan, Roy Glew, Kim Glew, Jemma Glew, Nick Grimaldi, Wendy Headington, Greg Herbert, Sarah Hudson, Dan Fitzgerald, Jon Kirkham, Jordon Kelly, AJ Johnson, Ange Johnson, Paul Meurer, Dominic Moxon-Tritsch, Urvi Patel, Chris Powell, Rob Simmonds, Kelly Snowdon, Alex Webb, Dill Upsdell ... think we may have missed a few ... sorry but thank you!!!

Did you know?

The Clabile Trust is run exclusively by volunteers, keeping administration costs to a minimum, thus ensuring that money goes directly to where it's needed.

In Namibia, fewer than one in five bushman children attend primary school.