Other Projects

Below is information about some of the other projects we are (or have been) involved in:

Stepping Forward is a Step Forward

Clabile is proud to be supporting The Stepping Forward Programme which has been set up to deliver innovative HIV/AIDS and STI educational workshops and health promotion activities to children and young people in rural schools, farming communities and townships. This is achieved using a mobile truck which converts to a stage with full PA system, a mobile clinic (for HIV counselling and testing), Not Just Soccer Game, and after school and holiday programme activities.  However, Stepping Forward is much more than simply a means to encourage people to know their HIV status;  it provides a community focus, it teaches critical life skills and promotes quality living.

Sports is one example of how The Stepping Forward Programme has been able to combine community awareness, responsibility and wellbeing is in its provision of opportunities for playing a variety of different sports such as soccer, lacrosse and basketball. Not only are these readily welcomed by the local community, they are also an ideal time to mobilise people to find out their HIV status while doing something unrelated in a neutral environment.

Empowering Young People

With support from Dial a Flight, The Clabile Trust has continued to partner with Waterberg Welfare Society and helped to build an Empowerment Centre which has provided the basic infrastructure for a small number of new micro businesses to start up.

The two-story building is in the heart of the Vaalwater community. The building work has just been completed and the final touches and furnishings are going in. The range of spaces that have been created will provide an amazing opportunity for young people to start up their own businesses with support and training from experts.

Some of the projects will be:

  • A small business centre, providing secretarial service, typing, scanning, photocopying and courier service to the local community and wider community. This meets a strong need which is currently not being met but is essential for many small businesses and one-man bands to grow.
  • A computer training centre offering accredited computer courses, office administration courses, e-learning, University Correspondence courses etc.  Again, there is nothing locally, where wi-fi access is very poor or non-existent. A partnership is just being signed with a telecommunications provider for a fast connection and they are also looking to sponsor the necessary equipment to get the project up and running.
  • An internet cafe, providing wi-fi access for the school children and local community.
  • Community radio station broadcasting centre: The Waterberg Waves Radio Station has received its 5 year license from ICASA to broadcast – an amazing opportunity to give a voice to so many. This will be the first community radio station anywhere in this area. It will help develop skills and will help empower the local community.
  • A recording studio: a room with recording equipment, CDs, podcast facilities etc. Over the last couple of years, various people have been trained in how to use the equipment. They are now ready to start their own businesses.
  • Skills Development classroom to provide training in nature guiding, security and hospitality. About 100 young people are expected to enrol in these vocational courses and ultimately be placed in jobs. The room could also be used as a small cinema in the evenings and we are thinking of having a TED TALK salon for all the wider community – perhaps share relevant TED talks on a regular basis. 
  • Sports Shop:  Soccer, netball, volleyball and basket ball are played across the township and rural villages but there is nowhere close to purchase soccer kits, vests, trophies, medals etc for local school tournaments and leagues.