Sponsored Children Uganda

The Clabile Trust has formed a relationship with a school in the village of Budoma, Uganda called BMK (named after its founder, Banerya Musa Kasoone). Musa, as he is known, was a poor subsistence farmer who was given a cow by the Send a Cow charity. He realised that a school was desperately needed by his village. From the sale of surplus milk he started a school in his own house in 2003 and this quickly grew from a handful of children to over 350 just two years later.  The school educates children from 7-14 years. 

In 2010, seven children completed their primary education at BMK and therefore needed to attend secondary school.  However, the nearest secondary school, Nile School, charges fees and is a 30 minute cycle ride away so, without financial support, the children were not able to continue their education.  The Clabile Trust therefore agreed to support these children and set about finding sponsors for each child to cover the costs of the school fees, uniform, food and a bicycle. 

We are so grateful to Heidi Behrens, Judith Morgan, Jodie Whittaker, Sherrie Nixon, Julie Boffy, Toni Nash and Rebekah & Anthony Flanagan for helping us making the lives better for these children.