Clever Cubs School Namibia

In 2009, The Clabile Trust took on the exciting project of building a school for Bushman children in Namibia
Unfortunately Bushman are treated as third class citizens in Namibia, a cruel reality for one of the oldest living tribes who have such a rich culture and sad history. Pushed off their traditional hunting lands by bigger and more powerful tribes and then by European settlers who saw them as pests, they were eventually pushed into the most uninhabitable swamps and desert areas of Southern Africa, where they have adapted and learnt to survive. The treatment of the Bushman has a huge impact on the children who are not able to grow up and develop to their full potential. Future generations are unable to improve their lives, gain employment and often fail to integrate into society.

A wildlife sanctuary called N/a’ an ku sê is committed to improving the lives of the Bushman through employment. It now has over 20 Bushman and their families living on the farm and working in a variety of roles including farming, hospitality, research and housekeeping.

The Clabile trust joined forces with N/a an ku se to improve the education of the Bushman children by building and equipping a school and playground area for the children. The school opened in 2009. It has two different rooms for the younger children and the older children and is kitted out with everything it needs including a blackboard, desks and chairs, storage, and bathrooms with a shower and sink. This school will now act as an important basic step in the children’s education so that they will ultimately be able to go to the main school in Windhoek.

A huge thank you to the Bookham & Horsley Rotary Club for their help in kitting out the school. You can watch a video of the school opening below:

Clever Cubs School Opening Video